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Typical Specification:

Pole bases and base plates shall be cast from 356 aluminum alloy. *Round straight or tapered smooth shafts shall be seamless extruded 6061-T6 aluminum *Round Straight fluted shafts shall be extruded 6063-T6 aluminum.. *Round straight fluted shafts shall be formed from spun seamless 6063 aliminum or 356 cast aluminum.

Anchor Bolts:

Standard anchor bolt sizes are: 12" x 18" x 4" L bolt and/or 34" x 18" x 4" L bolt. Anchor bolts nuts and washer shall be hot dipped galvanized steel. Bolt circle templates will be provided upon request.

Hand Hole:

All poles shall be provided with hand access opening and cover. *Hand hole cover shall be secured by (2) stainless steel machine screws. (Tamper-proof screws provided upon request.)


All poles shall be provided with aluminum grounding lug integrated to inner wall of shaft, 180 degrees to hand hole. Grounding lug will be drilled and tapped to accommodate 1/4-20 stainless steel machine screw.


Standard Powder Coating Process
A polyester powder coat is used for superior gloss and color retention. State of the art 20 PSI pressure power wash at 140° Incorporates five step iron phosphate process with sealer and DI water to cleanse and pre-treat the metal surface for maximum paint adhesion. Electrostatically applied ranging from texture to smooth glossy polyester powder topcoat and baked at 430° for maximum hardness and exterior durability.

Marine Grade Paint:

For objects exposed to extreme conditions as is found in coastal regions or industrial atmospheres we offer, at an additional charge, a highly weather and UV resistant powder coating that withstands up to 3000 hours of continuous salt spray and comes with a 5 year warranty. Consult Factory for additional paint cost and availability.

Pole Disclaimer:

Pole heights, wall thickness, and bases are designed to withstand nominal luminaries and cross arm configurations. Consult factory for your specific requirements.

Pole Foundation:

ANP does not provide designs or recommendations of foundations for poles.

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Available Shafts For This Base
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Finished Height Shaft Diameter Wall Thickness Smooth Shaft Order No. 80 MPH EPA Max Weight 100 MPH EPA Max Weight
Finished Height Shaft Diameter Wall Thickness Smooth Shaft Order No. 80 MPH EPA Max Weight 100 MPH EPA Max Weight
Available Colors
Color plates below represent available colors for this product. If photograph not available in selected color, color back plate will be shown.