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January 2024 Highlights

Our January issue highlighting Sergio Munoz, Our Esteemed Plant Supervisor, our recent PIA Win for Sequoia and the new Application Gallery Booklet.

Custom Designs and Modifications

Does your project need a custom design or special product modification? ANP Lighting has 100 years of combined experience in designing and manufacturing lighting projects to your specifications.

Visual Comfort technology is now available in all Bella Vista

ANP Lighting’s LED light guide technology is more than just a next generation LED system, but a fundamental approach that lighting will enhance the user experience. Fulfilling this experience is our advanced comfort optical system, engineered to deliver uniform illumination while significantly reducing discomfort caused by harsh glare.

VEC - The Latest RLM Shade From ANP Lighting

ANP Lighting continues to develop contemporary RLM shades for the retail, restaurant, hospitality and residential markets. The VEC series offers the timeless look of metal shades, utilizing the most current LED solutions. 

Sierra Bella

ANP Lighting provides custom decorative site lighting for new Sierra Bella community. 

Duncan Canyon Overpass

ANP Lighting's Bella Vista series was chosen to illuminate the six lane Duncan Canyon overpass on the 15 freeway in Southern California! 


Visual Comfort

ANP Lighting's LED Light Guide technology is more than just a next generation LED system, but a fundamental approach that lighting will enhance the user experience.

Crack'd Kitchen

ANP Lighting provides custom M+D fixtures for an exciting new breakfast restaurant in Andover, Massachusetts!

Albuquerque Decorative Street Lighting Retrofit

On November 21st, 2017, Mayor Richard Berry celebrated the activation of a 15-year contract to convert over 20,000 streetlights to LED in Albuquerque. Following Mayor Berry's initiative, the City of Albuquerque and Citelum have collaborated to create 'EnvisionABQ", an unique plan to relight Albuquerque. 

ANP Lighting was chosen for this project based upon performance, visual comfort, best energy savings, lead time, warranty and price. 

Introducing the EQ Collection

The EQ Collection is inspired by the balance between performance, scale, and visual experience. Our design and engineering team created an exciting new equilibrium – an unparalleled site lighting collection with a unique blend of form, function, and technology.

Socket Pendants Bare It All

The ANP Socket Pendants are decorative lamp holders that feature the simple style of the bare LED or incandescent lamp, for both vintage and modern spaces.

Improved LED Technology for RLM & Decorative Pendants

Not sure about the dimming requirements on your current project?  No worries, ANP Lighting products powered by Cree modular light engines will accept 0-10 volt, TRIAC or ELV dimming protocols as a standard feature.  If the protocol changes, the lighting spec will stay the same. Dimming to 1% and universal voltage are standard as well.

Introducing the M+D Collection

The M+D Collection combines a seamlessly flowing aluminum housing with energy-efficient LED technology to provide fully dimmable glare-free illumination. Pairing design aesthetics with balanced illumination, these versatile pendant luminaires have just the right look and proportion for soaring office spaces, restaurants and bars, hotels, retailers, and campuses.