Custom Designs and Modifications Direct from Our Foundry

Does your project need a custom design or special product modification? We have 100 years of combined experience in designing and manufacturing lighting projects to your specifications. We are a vertically integrated foundry and factory that will support your custom project at every stage of the process, from initial design through final assembly.

Our in-house team of experienced lighting engineers will work with you to develop your custom design, or modifications to standard products. Employing our Lean Manufacturing Process for casting, metal fabrication and spinning, welding, and product assembly, we can create custom lighting solutions that complement the design aesthetics of any project.

Custom Design Showcase

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bridge la

Custom Historic Bridge Renovation Lighting
City of Los Angeles

bollard lincoln

Big, Bold, Custom Bollard
Lincoln Heights, CA

marquee eltoro

Custom Marquee Lighting creates a dramatic entrance
El Toro, CA

church boise

Custom Bollards Match Entry Window Design
Church of the Latter Day Saints Temple, Boise, ID

cityhall hartford

Custom Architectural Lighting recreates historic design
City Hall, Hartford, CT

banners ftworth

Custom Laser Banners depict a vibrant urban environment
Fort Worth, TX

sconces california

Laser-cut Sconces Provide Dramatic Lighting Accents
Southern California